Chimney Repairs

A chimney that is damaged can be a liability to your home and the public. We at Lander and Linsey Roofing Limited have over 30 years’ experience in the roofing business and can advise you on the following chimney issues.

Chimney Repair Services in Cambridgeshire

Chimney Pointing and Replacement of Flashing – We use lime mix mortar for repointing of brickwork for longer lasting and better results. Any replacement of bricks are matched as near as possible to existing.

Re-building Domestic Chimney Brick Stacks – Using lime mix mortar for the pointing of brickwork and supplying any additional bricks that may be required to match as near as possible to existing bricks.

Chimney Capping/Cowls - We can fit the following to your chimney, according to your requirements:

  • Gas type cowls.
  • To avoid birds falling down your chimney, we can fit a cowl/bird guard on your chimney.
  • An anti-down draft chimney cowl.

Chimney Removal – If you have a chimney that you are not going to use again, you may consider having it removed. We can arrange for you to receive a quotation for demolishing your chimney to the level of your roof and making good to roof tiles or slates. The roof tiles or slates will be matched as near as possible to existing roof covering.

We also fit or replace broken chimney pots as well as providing ventilation for redundant chimneys.

For more information on chimney repairs, please contact us today where we will offer advice, guidance and a free quotation!